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Lecture 4

PSYA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Fluid And Crystallized Intelligence, Factor Analysis

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LECTURE 4 6/24/2012 11:06:00 AM
Not a lot of songs about intelligence
But it is an important concept
There are different ways of defining intelligence
All of our intelligence is measured and we are judged based on how well we
Why would you say that some our more intelligence then others
Speed at which you answer questions is how it depends on the intelligence
Is intelligence a single thing
Michelle Jordan was amazing at basketball but he was not very good base
Sperman first psychologist who theorized human intelligence
One specific g (general) factor that he though was the underlying cognitive
Varity of s(specific) factors that contributed to subjects performance for a
specific task
He called this test factor analysis
There is a huge contribution from our genes to our intelligence
People are born smart and dumb
This concept is not generally accepted
Did factor analysis and found 7 things of which 2 are crystal and fluid
There is a person’s natural intelligence(fluid intelligence)
May be born with certain potential
an schooling intelligence (crystal intelligence)
when these two things that come together then people are really smart
your early environment plays a huge role in future intelligence
An information processing theory of intelligence
Analytic intelligence working memory, ability to figure stuff out
Creative intelligence ability to go beyond the books and learning
Practical intelligence ability to perform behavior that are adaptive and
The idea here that we can talk about all the sub intelligence but we can boil
all that down to two intelligence
Natural intelligence
Crystal intelligence
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