PSYA02H3 Lecture Notes - Thermostat, Homeostasis, Binge Eating

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Published on 23 Aug 2012
Chapter 13- motivation and emotion
Motivation is what gives us the energy to do something “oomph”
Define it with three characteristics
o Initiates actions
o Determines what we pursue
o Determines how much we persist to what we pursue
Motivation is appreciated by looking at “dry theory”
o Realization that we all have basic needs that are essential for survival (ie. Need to eat
and experience of hunger, etc)
o When we are deprived of a particular that is essential for our survival, we are driven to
get it. This is called DRIVE
This system is called a regulatory system: if something is missing the regulatory
system will ensure that the missing thing is restored
o Homeostatic system has three properties:
Set point: the reference point (ie in thermostat the temperature at which the
room is set to is the set point)
When talking about hunger, satiation (when we are satisfied) is our set
Detector: detects deviation from set point
Corrective mechanism: initiates something that re-establishes set point (ie.
Furnace coming on)
Cyclic systems
o Homeostasis in hunger
Set point: satiation (being satisfied); no drive to do anything stay away from
Detector: nutrient detectors in body that detect depletion of nutrients and
triggers a signal
Corrective mechanism: driven to seek and eat food
Homeostasis not the only that drives behaviors
o For example social pressure is another reason why there are behaviors related to eating;
homeostasis had nothing to do with you going out to eat with someone because the
certain someone wanted to go out and eat.
o Hedonism: pursuit of pleasure;; driven to get pleasure
In the case of eating, hedonism is related to the taste of food.
o Cultural norms: different cultures have different expectation about what is appropriate
amount of food to eat.
Some cultures it is a matter of honor to have guests over and eat food
o Wealth also has an impact on eating
If rich, more food eating
If poor, less food, but the food is more fatty
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