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Chapter 18 Lecture Notes + Slides

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John Bassili

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Chapter 18: Treatment of Mental Disorders
Client-therapist relationship: client is motivated enough to seek therapy. The
therapist is skilled.
oTherapist provides client with undivided attention, and shows concern 
relationship developed
Psychodynamic Therapy: Based on Freuds idea of repressed conflcits.
oPsychodynamic also focuses on repressed conflicts, but the conflicts are not
necessarily sexual in nature
oEmphasis is on exploring childhood experiences that may have upset the
Freud: mental disorders come from the amount of mental energy spent
on dealing with conflicts and stressful life events
Free association: Saying anything that comes to mind
Dream interpretation: underlying content in the dreams are
what the therapists are interested in
Childhood issues/problems shape adult behaviour
Client-centered therapy: dones not focus on the past
oCarl Rogers: present a perspective not based on unconscious conflicts
Emphasis is on focusing a warm and genuine relationship between the
client and therapist
Aim is to make the client feel worthy of a human being despite any
personal shortcomings
oEmpathy is conveyed by reflecting the clients feelings and sharing in their
oTherapist is non-directional: does not give opinion or solution, bound back
oPatient feels more comfortable.
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