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Lecture 1

PSYB01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Scientific Method, Critical Thinking, Confirmation Bias

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Anna Nagy

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Psychological Research Lab Lec 1
- Tutorial starts next week, every Tuesday
- Prof like mix methods
- 3 assignments
- Tuesday 4 – 5 office hours PO 3, room 123
- Exams: more applied (scenarios case)
Studying Psychology
- Psychology is the explicit study of how people think, feel, and behave
- Many themes and studies contained within the discipline
- Personality, learning and memory, social development, hormones and
behavior, abnormal behavior, relationships and emotion, clinical issues
How does Psychology Differ from Philosophy, the Humanities?
- All of these disciplines concerned with fundamental issues of human
- Use of scientific method
- Other methods subject to serious limitations
- Rely on experience and authority in the construction of our beliefs
Course Objectives
- Use scientific method, make it as OBJECTIVE as possible
Propose, research, critic
- Illustrate the limitations of non-scientific approach (and scientific
- Teach scientific method as it applies to psychology
- Teach how to write a research paper (research proposal/review)
- Critical thinking
- Ex. Stress
It’s different in every person
Learning Objective
- Limitations of non-scientific approaches
- Limitations of scientific method
- Why we use scientific method
- General principles of the approach
Why Use the Scientific Method in Psychology?
- Methods we use in day to day world and in some other disciplines
subject to numerous limitations
Keep in mind there are biases
- Tend to rely on personal experience, intuition, and opinions of
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