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Lecture 3

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Anna Nagy

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PSYB01- Lecture 3
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No need to remember APA reference guidelines and details
Milgrams experiment: provides insight into the dynamics of obedience.
Unethical aspect:
*Deceived participants during exp. - study of learning instead of obedience
making participants realize they could do things they have never imagined
BUT, the participants werent actually hurt so is it still ethical?
*money incentives may have forced compliance, not obidience
Considerations for Milgrams experiment on Obedience:
1. Principle of Beneficence :
-Need to maximize benefits and minimize harmful effects
-Risk-benefit analysis
Risks: psychological & physical harm; loss of confidentiality
e.g: Milgrams experiment may have brought a lot of psychological harm
Benefits: increase education; acquire skill; receive treatment for illness
Satisfaction of participating
Beneficial application of results
2. Informed Consent
-Purpose of study
-Risks and benefits of participation
-Right to refuse or stop participating
-May be challenged by:
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