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PSYB01 Lecture 1
Slide 1 Why Learn Research Methods?
- Become a better consumer of research
o Psychology study says violent video games makes kids riskier drivers
o Does Facebook make you fat?
The above are articles on example studies; we study methods so that we can
question the procedures, findings, etc. of the study to determine if we believe
it or not
- Research is built on previous research
- Often used in work settings
- Used in making policy decisions
Slide 2 The Scientific Approach
- Have an observation/insight develop a hypothesis (a prediction of what you think you will
find) testing of hypothesis findings
- Previous findings, insights, and theories contribute to the scientific approach
Slide 3, 4 Goals of Science
- 1. Description of Behaviour
o What happens, how often, where, under what circumstances, etc.
o Observations are systematic and precise
o Use large groups to even out individual differences
- 2. Prediction of Behaviours
o What will happen to B if A has a certain value?
- 3. Determining cause(s) of Behaviour
o Does A cause B?
Temporal precedence (A happens before B)
Covariation (A varies along with B) but they do not need to vary in the
same way (i.e. A may increase, while B decreases)
No other alternative explanations
- 4. Explanation of Behaviour
o Understanding why a behaviour occurs