PSYB10H3 Lecture Notes - Cognitive Dissonance, Attitude Change, Persuasion

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2 Oct 2011

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Attitudes & Persuasion
-like/dislike influencing behavior towards someone/something. E.g
lebron chokes
-affective: what you feel about something
-behavioral: what are you likely to do
-cognitive: what you think abt something
Affectively based attitudes
Behaviourally based attitudes
Cognitively based attitudes
What goes into an attitude
-bipolar dimension from goodbad
-intensity of attitude, e.g dislike lebron alot
Attitude types
Explicit attitudes
-attitude in form of a statement that you are fully aware, e.g
lebron chokes
Implicit attitudes
-attitude stored as association in semantic network, obj of
attitude associated w/ good/bad, may be unaware of it. E.g chris bosh is
actually a decent player
Attitudes and Behaviour
-cycle of your belief abt something-your behavior in relation to that
Theory of planned behavior
Cognitive dissonance
-change in ppl’s behavior alters their attitudes. E.g ppl praise me for
worship, they must believe I’m good then.
-dissonance: unpleasant tension feeling, experienced when you have
contradictory attitudes, or behave inconsistently w/ your attitudes.
-to relieve tension, change attitude since you can’t change behavior.
E.g why do I care about a person who I dislike’s well being? It must be bc I
like them after all
-or reappraise situation so behavior doesn’t reflect your attitude. The
money reward given to participants experiment.
Overjustification effect
-if you can justify an attitude-inconsistent behavior, you wont have
dissonant feelings.
Justification of Effort
External justification
Internal justification
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