PSYB10H3 Lecture Notes - Bonobo, Social Dominance Orientation

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26 Nov 2010

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An implicit or explicit rank order of individuals or groups with respect to a valued social dimension. N power hierarchies and status hierarchies are subtypes of social hierarchies. N rank order: in order for something to be a hierarchy, there must at least be 2 levels of status and power that are above and below each other. N valued social dimension: the criteria that is used to rank people within social hierarchies. An asymmetric control over valued resources in social relations. N based on resources, which belong to an actor/social object: can be money for humans, food in animals, supplies in a business organization. Rank ordering of individuals with respect to the amount of resources that each controls. N more typically seen in formal hierarchies, but it can work at a national level. N socioeconomic power (income level) reflects your amount of social power. The extent to which an individual or group is admired or respected by others.