PSYB10H3 Lecture Notes - Counterfactual Thinking, Abnormal Psychology, Counterfactual Conditional

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18 Oct 2012

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Social objects: can be a person, in a basic level any object that are. How to perceive and process the social world. bounds with the laws of physics however there are other forces such a processing the world, perceptions of environment etc A physical object that has the ability to engage in social cognition. Automatic cognition: things like associating, low level and resource in terms of thoughts that we do not specifically process. You don"t need to think to much and more so a script you follow. less you will have later. Controlled cognition: the more resources you have to spend time on, the. Complex scene: large, multi element display of information. Gaze detection: notice someone who is looking at you. o o o. Encoding : selecting information from the environment and storing it in. Highlights the idea that we pay attention to what we really want to. Scripts or sets of expectations that we have.