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31 Mar 2012

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February 9, 2012
- In MW 170
- 50 multiple choice questions (50 marks)
- 2 written response question (15 marks)
- 2 hours
- Bring pencil for multiple choice and a pen for written questions
Questions are based on:
- Readings
- Professors lectures
- Group quizzes
Chapter 3- Cognitive Development
Piaget’s theory
- believed that children actively construct their own knowledge of the
environment using what they already know to interpret new events and
- much more interested in HOW children think than in WHAT they know
- believed that cognitive development involves changes in a child’s ability to
reason about his/ her world
o as you move through the stages you really change about the way you
think about the world
- our basic structures for organizing information (beliefs)
o ex how a kid might think about an elephant
TV, movies, books
Experience at zoo -> special day with dad
- as children progress through Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, they
become increasingly able to use complex and acbtract schemas for
organizing knowledge
Assimilation v.s Accomodation
- Assimilation: Molding new information to fit with our existing schemas
- Accomodation: Changing existing schemas to fit new information (realize
we have to change our beliefs)
- Ex. Little kids think that anything with four legs are dogs
o Doesn’t exactly look like a dog but gonna call a horse a “big doggie”
o Kid will eventually realize that it doesn’t behave like a dog and feel
uncomfortable; therefore change (accommodate) and include other
animals with four legs
4 factors contributing to cognitive development
1. Maturation of ingerited physical structures
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