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Lecture 9

PSYB30H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Harry Stack Sullivan, Interpersonal Circumplex, Femininity

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Marc A Fournier

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PSYB30H3: Personality Psychology
Lecture 9: Self & Other
Marc A. Fournier
Outline of Today’s Lecture
Part I. Agency & Communion
Agency: a Meta concept that reflects all phenomenon’s that …
- Focus on the self
- Formation of separations
- Striving for expansion and elevation of the self
- Focus on others
- Formation of connections
- Striving for contact and congregation with others
Dimensions of Human Existence
Human Evolution
- We are all products of an evolutionary process
- Getting Along
The Attachment System
Safety and Proximity Maintenance
- Getting Ahead
The Social Rank System: evolved behavioral system that regulates our
Recognition and Use of Power (agency)
Gender, Society, & Culture
- We are products of socialization process
- Femininity- nurturance and cooperation
The product of sex segregated play (tea parties)
Perpetuated by home maker roles (communion)
- Masculinity- dominance and competition
The product of sex segregated play (war games)
Perpetuated by wage earner roles (agency)
Part II. The Interpersonal Circumplex
Harry Stack Sullivan
- Personality is the relatively enduring pattern of recurrent interpersonal situations
which characterize a human life(1953)
- In contrast Lewinian interactionism (1946), in which B=f (P, E), Sullivan
conceptualized behavior interpersonally as function of relationships i.e. B=f
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