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10 Jan 2012

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Some pple have a hard time accepting that paint can say a lot about you. Information processing: the details they attend to in the pictures indicates how they process information and reveals info about their unconscious, emotional functioning, responses also reveal one"s level of emotional functioning. If you can"t determine what happens next in your response/story, them emotional intelligence is weak because it doesn"t add up or make sense if you end it abruptly. Also shines light on your ability to plan ahead. Person should not blurt out story right away, they should take time to think about it rather than be impulsive or impatient. Validity: the number of tests, the test alone is not sufficient but in conjunction with other things, it works well. 1 card doesn"t tell us anything, you have to keep showing cards/pictures to look for a repetition of themes or things that don"t fit. You can"t make an inference from just one card.