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10 Jan 2012

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Personality is the scientific study of individual differences. The dimensions. , origins and implications of individual differences. Personality"s job is to describe and explain individual differences. The significance of individual differences (sociability, etc) = all influence our chances of happiness in life, how long we will live, etc. Scientific theories consist of explicitly defined constructs that are linked together by rules which suggest testable hypothesis. They are simply a set of interrelated statements about some phenomenon in the world. Scientific theorizing begins with unsystematic observation and then you try to make a conclusion to sum up what you"re seeing = you make constructs. Constructs are ideas we used to make sense of the world. Constructs are often not observable => intelligence. We only have access to pple"s behaviour and we make sense of their behaviour by classifying them as intelligent or not. Constructs are a way of classifying things in the world.