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Lecture 12

PSYB30H3 Lecture 12: Lecture 12.docx

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Marc A Fournier

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Lecture 12
SCHOOL SAFETY (continuation)
Police in School
Official name: School research officer (SRO)
Believed that police is able to deter school crime
Improve relationship b/w youth and police b/c police become role models/sports coach
Quick, easy fix for immediate problems
Although presence of SRO is welcomed, they are ultimately part of criminal justice system
Police, cameras, zero tolerance policy, locker checks = cheap, easy, lazy way of “resolving” school
safety issues
SRO effectiveness for school safety is rarely evaluated, but reports from staffs are favorable and
No comparison b/w schools w/ SRO vs w/o SRO
Suggestion: should encourage better instruction for all students, encourage success for all students
rather than the elite few and reduce failure
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