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24 Feb 2011
PSYB30 - Lecture 1 Introduction to Personality
Personality The scientific study of individual differences, origin of individual
differences, dimension of differences & implications of individual differences
Personality relates to Sociability, ability to experience negative feelings, tendency to
take part in hard work which effects likelihood of getting married, divorcing, need
for psychotherapy, how long we need it, how long we will live, how happy we will be
Personality traits are the psychology of the stranger as you first get to know them
Outline/sketch of the person
By knowing a persons personality you can predict something about them within the
first 10 minutes of meeting them such as marriage, divorce, occupational/educational
attainment, & mortality
In order to fill in the details of personality traits to fully understand person, whats
on their mind, concerns, motivated to achieve, developmental life tasks they are
currently engaged with, etc (various characteristic adaptations past traits,
motivational, cognitive, developmental adaptations)
Macadams states life is a life story where we play the protagonist
Scientific theories consist of specifically defined constructs linked together by
correspondence rules which suggest testable hypotheses
A set of interrelated statements about some phenomena in the world
All scientific theorizing begins with unsystematic observation
Observe the world and come up with ideas to understand the world
Constructs Explanatory variables we use as psychologists, something we use to
understand the things that occur in the world (Intelligence is a construct)/Way of
classifying things in the world, often things that are not observable
Correspondence rules - Theories take constructs and link them together
Generate testable hypotheses about the relationships between
Astrology is an example of non-scientific theory of personality (celestial bodies relate
to personality differences)
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