PSYB30H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Coefficient Of Determination, Growth Factor, Blackboard

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18 Apr 2012
Lecture 12- Personality defined
-About the final:
not cummulative
-on april 19th -90 minutes long and it is from 7-9 pm
-textbook chapters: 6-10
-lectures 7-11 material
-room assignments are on blackboard
-he gives students a higher grade if there are 1% away from a letter grade change
-if you are within 3 points of passing, he rounds us up
-format: 50 MC 4 options each. 25 lecture questions. 25 textbook questions
Personality Defined
-Dan McAdams: personality is an individual’s unique variabtion on the general evolutionary design for
human nature.
-expressed as developing pattern of traits, characteristic adaptiations, integrative life storeis, complexly
and differentially situatied in culture
Dimensions of Human Existence
Made by Bakin
Agency: self focus, what makes us separate and diffderent from others. Striving for expansion and
elevation fo sekf
Communion: forcus on others. We are forming connections and striving for contact and congregation
with others. We are part fo a larger entity
-they are meta constructs (category to organize an concept into sensible chunk)
-meta constructs (categorys we use to understand other constructs) way to make sense of other
Human evolution
-eg. origin theories of human nature- evolutionary and cultural accounts.
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