Lecture 2 Notes

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Published on 14 May 2011
Abnormal Psychology-PSYB32
Lecture 2
Current paradigms and the role of cultural factors
Paradigm: conceptual perspective in which a scientist understands abnormality;
experimental setup (i.e. a way to conduct a certain type of experiment) that is
defined by certain fine-tuned standards and often has a theoretical background
We know that there are certain disorders which run in families (bipolar disorder)
If disorders were caused via environmental causes, the production/repetition rate
would occur at 100%
The twin method: mono and dizygotic twins
Biological paradigm is also interested in biochemistry
oNeurotransmitters: transmit neurological transmissions or ques
oDopamine hypothesis
There are both structural and functional neuro-imaging device
oMRI and CT scans
oCT Is more widely available, yet MRI is farther distinguishable
oFunctional MRI marries MRI, thus providing a detailed map of the brain, yet
shows the blood moving similar in PET
Used more for experimentation
There are four classes of psychopharmacology
oTo increase neurotransmission
oDecrease neurotransmission
oEither, or
First class is known as tranquilizers, or anxieletic; deal with suppression of anxiety
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