excellent lecture notes for mood disorders

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21 Jun 2011

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Bipolar patient: thoughts negative- 5-6 sleeping pills: insomnia: phobia for
darkness; suicidal thoughts desire
Death a biological need.
Bottle of sleeping pills 60 pills. Slept like baby and brain numb
Anti depressants - Dperession
No emotion, no sympathy, no love for them, psychopath, more public more
suicidal thoughts
not depression but Bipolar Disorder w/c is genetically determined
Causing of depression is trivial. For her 70% biologically determined.
Anti seizure medication - personality changed. Motivation came back.
Need specific amounts to restore balance. Kidney or ovaries side effects
Since 2007 no episodes
Depression major depression uni polar every morning . Treating attitudes.
Stigma and identity.
Depressed people deal with self stigma
6/7 y/o belong to group of cool people but he feels different every morning.
Psychosomatic pains
11y/o something going on. Take at least 1 off from school.
15y/o in England triggers him vision of suicide. Not make friends, not go to
Think suicide as to work out against worthlessness for world. Beautiful ending and
peace. But there is a guilt
1.He feels worthless.
2.Even in Rx he feels worthless
Pills popped in. still alive. Bottle of pills. Parent understand. Suicide not pray
enough, trivial cant handle stress.
Prozac helps you but kills you in others appetite 18/19y/o
Kills social life tired all time but mentally better fake better.
15 y/o commit suicide failed. 16y/o tried yoga, buddhism to stimulates pleasure
hormone but still not solution.
Tried new Rx - woke up normal worked; feeling existed at that level. Functioning at
normal state.
Medication depression develop identity based on your Rx. Coping mechanisms.
Without Rx suffer from mental illness. Develop identity on painting, poetry. With
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