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14 Jan 2012

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How closely the results are when different people carry the experiment. Same person gets tested at more than 1 occasion. Depression test before and after treatment (low reliability) Ex. memory test, person may remember what is in it, different version of tests are given. Do well in part 1, then person will do well in part 2 as well. Cannot be valid if it is not reliable. Do depression test scores match the state of people. People with brain injury score poor mark in the testing. But brain injury may not be the only factor that affects the ppor mark. Patient guides the process, empathy, unconditional positive regard (humanistic) Whether a person has insight about his behaviour or not. Standardized procedure to measure person s performance in personality, thought, and behaviour (scientific evidence) Must interpret in a context to be objective. Compare the result to population of normal people. Stratified: norm is collected for age, education, and gender.