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Lecture 6

Abnormal Lecture 6

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Konstantine Zakzanis

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Inception of the disease
Mental Illnesses
Divided into neurosis and psychosis
Can help a lot
But you lose the identity that you had without medication
Is sometimes embedded into the personyou start to question yourself
Externallyworkplace, families
Psychological therapies
Cognitive and behavior therapies
oBeck’s cognitive therapy
oCognitive biases
Arbitrary inferenceoveranalyzing things
Selective abstractionconclusion drawn based on only one of many
elements of the situation. Its the element you chose to focus on.
Magnification and minimizationwhen we exaggerate our
performances in a certain direction. (focusing on the end result but not
the process to get there)
oLuc talked about negative schematics and how they affect our personality and
later build up and show themselves when certain situations that come up
manifests itself in depression.
oTo a depressed person depression is not really a constructit is very real and
physical. However, in academics we think about depression in the abstract.
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