PSYB32H3 Lecture Notes - Anterograde Amnesia, Systematic Desensitization, Agoraphobia

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Psyb32 lecture 5 october 16th 2012. We know very little about these disorders. Not tested on what guest speakers say. Pain disorder associated with both psychological factors and a general medical condition -> Pain is a biopsychosocial process very complex symptom that we don"t have a very objective way to diagnose. Pain must cause some sort of impact in the person"s occupational or social functioning (disability) Common example substance abuse examples that occur co-morbidity often causes disability. Often has a temporal relationship to some sort of stressor in the person"s life. No evidence of malingering iatrogenic disabilities e. g. woman who"s pain persisted years later because the treatment she was now getting was better than what she was receiving before the accident. People with physical pain- localize their pain more specifically. Those with pain disorder describe a generalized pain. People with physical pain talk about moderating variables (when its worse or less) Pain disorder people say everything causes pain.