PSYB32H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Criterion Validity, Anosognosia, Ecological Validity

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16 Aug 2016
PSYB32-Lecture 3: Clinical Assessment
Reliability and Validity in Assessment:
Reliability : the consistency of measurement
Test-retest reliability: same results on multiple repetitions of the test, the trait being
measured should be same over time
Alternate-form reliability: ex. 2 forms of the same exam (when someone does a make
test or exam, the correlation of both exams determines the reliability)
Internal consistency reliability : items on a test are related to each other, otherwise
they do not support the construct they propose to measure
Interrater reliability: if 2 different clinicians see the same person and end up with
different conclusions
Validity: cannot have validity without reliability
Content validity: questions must have sufficient amount of questions related to the
Criterion validity: when you administer a test, you want to make sure it is measuring
what it is measuring. showing concurrently, the person is depressed on those scales
If the person scores highly on depression on a scale, this person is perceived to
behave a certain way in the real world  the test is showing you that the person will
behave in a certain way to prove depression in the real world
Predictive/ecological validity: the ability of the test to say what the individual is
expected to behave in the real world
Construct validity: when you take words like anxiety, they are not tangible.
Constellation of symptoms defines terms as such. If one is measuring depression, it is
assumed that they will score high on a test and will see differences with someone who
does not have depression
People with depression vs. people without depression
Depending on the differences seen between those people, proves the symptoms of
Must show criterion validity as well
In order to prove construct validity, the person must show adequate results on the tests
and in their real life
Psychological Assessment:
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