PSYB45H3 Lecture Notes - Family Therapy, Bulgarian Lev, Contract

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23 Jun 2011

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Chapter 23: Behavioural Contracts
Used to apply reinforcement and punishment contingencies to help people manage their own
Type of antecedent manipulation
Also called a contingency contract or a performance contract
It is a written agreement between 2 parties in which one or both parties agree to engage in a
specified level of a target behaviour or behaviours. Furthermore, the contract states the
consequence that will be administered contingent on the occurrence (or non-occurrence) of the
Components of a behavioural contract
oIdentifying the target behaviour
oStating how the target behaviours will be measured
oStating when the behaviour must be performed
oIdentifying the reinforcement or punishment contingency
oIdentifying who will implement the contingency
Types of behavioural contracts
oOne-party contracts
Also called unilateral contract
One person seeks to change a target behaviour and arranges reinforcement or
punishment contingencies with a contract manager, who implements the
Used when the person wants to increase desirable behaviours or to decrease
undesirable behaviours
Contract manager may be a psychologist, counsellor, other helping professional
The contract manager must not stand gain from the contingencies
oTwo-party contracts or bilateral contract
Both parties identify target behaviours for change and the contingencies that will
be implemented for the target behaviours.
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