PSYB45H3 Lecture Notes - Cognitive Distortion, Cognitive Restructuring

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23 Jun 2011

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Chapter 25: Cognitive Behaviour modification
Examples: help with anger problems, help a child pay attention in class
Cognitive behaviours are covert, they cant be observed directly and recorded by an independent
observer. Rather, the person engaging in the cognitive behaviour must identify and record the
occurrence of the behaviour. Only the person can identify the occurrence of specific thoughts pr
self- statements because they are covet.
Cognitive behaviour: think, talk to themselves, solve problems, evaluate themselves, make
plans,imagine specific behaviours or situations.
oThey are verbal or imaginal responses by the person that are covert and not observed to
oThe cognitive behaviour make up the target behaviours for cognitive behaviour
Functions of cognitive behaviour
oConditioned stimulus that elicits conditioned response
Examples - anxiety, anger, sexual arousal
oDiscriminative stimuli SD for desirable behaviours
Examples: self-instructions, problem-solving, decision-making
oEstablishing operations that influence the power of consequences to function as
reinforcers or punishers.
Examples: Imagining a positive outcome of an action
oReinforcing and punishing consequences with they follow some other behaviour.
Ex. Praise or critical statements.
Types of Cognitive Behaviour
Cognitive restructuring: client helps identify cognitive behaviours that are distressing and then
helps the client get rid of these distressing thoughts or replace them with more desirable thoughts.
Steps are:
Identify distressing thoughts and situations
Identify emotional response or behaviour that follows the thoughts
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