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Lecture 7

PSYB45H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Reinforcement, Gift Card, Operant Conditioning

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Amanda Uliaszek

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Increasing Behaviors through Operant Conditioning
Lecture 7
March 1, 2013
Student Behavior Modification
Target behavior: Asking/answering questions during lecture
Goal/outcome: Increasing class participation
Target behavior: Read chapters and attend/watch lectures
Goal/outcome: Improve study habits
A token economy is a system of behavior modification-based on the systematic
positive reinforcement of target behavior. The reinforcers are symbols or tokens that can be
exchanged for other reinforcers. Token economy is based on the principles of operant
conditioning and can be situated within applied behavior analysis (behaviorism). Token
economies are applied with children and adults.
Review Positive Reinforcers
Examples? Bonus points, get a prize,
Tangible reinforcers: sth you physically got. Like a gift card.
Consumable reinfocers: candy/chocolate
Activity ~: you get more breaks in today’s class.
Social ~: communicating with classmates
Feedback ~: good job! for participating, your grade is posted
Positive Reinforcers
How do we ascertain what will be positively reinforcing to a group?
Guess work
What do students find positively reinforcing?
Are we talking about programmed or natural reinforcers?
Enhancing Effectiveness (methods)
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