PSYB45H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Classical Conditioning, Stimulus Control

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Published on 18 Apr 2013
Lecture 9
March 15, 2013
Establishing new behaviors
What are ways to teach someone a new behavior/overcome a behavioral deficit?
shaping: ease ppl in for shaping a favourable behavior. Starts from the bottom. And ease ppl in.
Using successive approximations (steps)
No longer reinforce previous steps
When shaping, you wanna:
1. Describe behavioral goal
2. Identify starting response (you stop the reinforcement when the expected behavior is
maintained or repeated)
3. Develop a tentative and flexible plan for steps (make the behavior gradually through
steps, more and more difficult)
Example: tidier roommate
1. Behavioral goal: Roommate cleans up all of her dishes and her belongings every day
2. Picking up any dish or belonging at any time
3. Steps
1. Praise/reward at any sign of behavioral target
2. Praise/reward at any sign of behavioral target when done within one day
3. Praise/reward when all dishes are cleaned in one day
4. Praise/reward when all dishes/belongings are cleaned in one day
Shaping problem behaviors
Receiving reinforcement for a behavioral excess and continuing to utilize that behavior
1. Stop eating dessert -> lose 5 lbs.
2. Replace lunch with raw vegetables -> lose 10 lbs.
3. Restrict total calories to 1000/day -> lose 10 lbs.
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