PSYB45H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Alarm Clock, Hand Washing, Voicemail

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Published on 18 Apr 2013
OCD-obsessive behaviors that cause anxiety
Remember antecedents? (sometimes both overt and covert)
Overt ~. punching a wall. Sth that’s observable, outside can see.
Covert ~. sth only yourself can identify. In yourself. Antecedents to hand
washingfeeling anxious, feeling dirty.
Examples of behaviors antecedents?
Eating lunch: see others eat(overt).feeling hungry(covert).
Smiling: feeling happy(covert antecedent)
Singing: antecedenthearing a song (overt?)
Doing homework: you saw there’s homework(overt). You think you wanna do
Timing in antecedents
Immediate: the one that’s closest in time
Distant (looking at your schedule in the morning, plan for lunch in a couple hours)
Two types of antecedents
Discriminative stimuli (SD)a direct antecedent to the behaviors.
discriminative stimuli (stimuli) + behave (triggers the bevior) associated consequence
(operant conditioning).
Motivating operations--it makes a consequence more effective or increase the likelihood
of doing the behavior. You’re really motivated by that behavior.
Discriminative stimuli
A cue that sets the occasion for a particular behavior and consequence
Other stimuli serve as an antecedent for not doing a behavior (SΔ). a trigger of something
not happening.
Discriminative stimuliantecedents. Comes before the behavior.
Discriminativelead you to a specific behavior, not a bunch of other behaviors. Helps
you to discriminate things to do.
Examples: phone ringsdiscriminative stimulus
What can you do when phone rings?
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