PSYB45H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Behavior Change Methods

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Published on 18 Apr 2013
Ethics and Future Directions
April 5, 2013
Monday April 8: Class 12-3; No office hours
Friday April 12: Nadia office hours 11-12; Dr. Uliaszek office hours 3-4
Motivational Operations--Either increase or decrease the effects in some way, changes
occur so that there could be an effective consequence.
Establishing Operationsincrease the effectiveness of a consequence. (any cons: reward
or punishment)
Abolishing Operationsdecrease the effectiveness ~. It makes whatever the
consequences less effective.
Motivational operations
Motivational Operations
Ethics in Behavior Modification
Dilemmas regarding behavior change goals and behavior change methods.
What do you think about
Torture ..(moral/ethical questions could always have good or bad sides)
Corporal 肉体的 punishment 体罚 (may work well in a short term) genetic
triggers, environmental triggers. Not always an abuse.
Reparative 修缮的 therapies (a group of therapies.Like combination of elec-shock
and other punishments It has both good and bad effects. Not happy being gay;
suicidal,..) Reparative-Generally doesn’t work.
Tax on large pop (2 goals: health, money/fiscal. Depend on which goal we look at.
But method..)
Restraints in institutions (on ppl who hurt themselves. Exaples in the book:
restraining cause self-harms?)
Main purpose of the discussion--Is it ethical to help them change if you believe there’s no way
they can change? (religion-wise, we can also reinterpret things. Try to help ppl become okay
with it. But reparative therapies can withdraw a therapist’s license.)
How Do We Decide?
Questions we have to ask ourselves to know if the method works before we apply behavior
Would these methods work?
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