Lecture Note For PSYB45, Lecture 2

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19 Jul 2010
Chapter 2
Areas of Application:
Parenting and Child Management
- Behavioural techniques have been applied to help teach parents on methods to
im prove their child-rearing practices.
- They have been applied to parents to help teach their children how to walk,
develop initial language skills, toilet training, and encourage household
- Parents have also been taught behavioral strategies to help reduce problem
behaviours such as temper tantrums, not obeying parents, nail biting, ignoring
rules etc
Education: From Preschool to University
- Many behaviour modification approaches have been used in schools
- An important innovation in behavioral approaches to teaching is the
Personalized System of Instruction (PSI). PSI was developed by Fred S.
Killer and his colleagues in the United States as a behaviour modification
approach to university teaching. Teachers use this approach to improve
classroom instruction.
-In the 1960’s the most dramatic successes of behaviour modification have occurred in
applications to individuals with severed behavioral problems.
Childhood Autism
- Children diagnosed with autism often show some behaviors similar to children
diagnosed with developmental disabilities in that they score much bellowed
average on a variety of self-care tasks, such as dressing, grooming, and
- No alternative treatment for children with autism has been shown to be as
successful as applied behaviour analysis
- Because inadequate social relationships are a prime contributor to the poor
quality of life experienced by people with schizophrenia, social skills have
been one of the behaviors targeted for change.
- CB techniques have also been used effectively to reduce or eliminate
hallucinations or delusions in persons with schizophrenia.
- CBT can make a significant contribution to the treatment, management, and
rehabilitation of persons with schizophrenia.
-discussed in chapter 28
Medical and Health Care
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