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Lecture 4

PSYB51H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Scene Statistics, Illusory Contours, Structural Anthropology

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Matthias Niemeier

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Week #4 Lecture #4: Perceiving and Recognizing Objects
- image Dalmatian dog
- our perception is heavily aided by knowledge
- perception importantly benefit from prior knowledge
Two streams for visual processing
• Some ventral stream areas
o Lateral occipital complex (LOC)
- more than one area, which makes it a complex
o Parahippocampal Place Area (PPA): Scenery, locations
o Fusiform Face Area (FFA): Faces
o Extrastriate Body Area (EBA): Bodies
Dorsal stream
processes where, how information. Fast but colorblind (chapter 8)
Ventral stream
processes what information.
- object perception, object recognition
• Broad generalization:
cross connections, feedback as well as feedforward.
Perceiving and Recognizing Objects
Part 0: Recognition vs. Perception
Part 1: Middle Vision Putting Things Together
- Gestalt laws, parallel processing, figure-ground
Part 2: High Level Vision Identifying Objects
- Picasso and RBC, smart templates
Part 3: Feed-forward vs. Feedback
What Do You See?
- An object: a house
- Another house (blurred)
- The same house (at a diff angle)
• Object perception
- perceive the picture as one entity we call an object or a house
• Object recognition
• Object identification
- identify that it’s possibly the same house
• Object naming
Middle vision combines features into objects. The result is object perception.
Object recognition means we match a perceived object representation to a
representation encoded in memory.
• These memory traces can contain information about object categories
• … or information about that particular object. That’s object identification.
• Recognized objects usually have semantic labels and names assigned to them.
Language functions.
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