PSYB64H3 Lecture Notes - Turner Syndrome, Xyy Syndrome, Fetus

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15 Nov 2011
PSYB 64 Post Midterm
Sexual Behaviour
Up until 6 weeks, fetus is undifferentiated.
Look at syndromes.
Turner Syndrome – XO. Normal female genitilia, but ovaries do not develop. Not a fertile
individual. Normal intelligence. Spatial relationship deficits (males are better at spatial tasks
anyways) and memory deficits.
Klienfelter Syndeome – XXY. Reduced fertile males. Normal intelligence, but a little awkward
with reduced verbal skills
XYY – Correlations b/w XYY and antisocial behaviour, but this relation is controversial .
From 294-300, dont study.
Testosterone higher in males. Males and females both have Testosterone and estrogen
Hypothalamus – releases GnRH. What this does? See slide 12
Testosterone has greatest impact to a womans sexuality
Estrogen amount is higher in females. Women are better at verbal tasks.
Testosterone related to spatial tasks.
Married men have lower levels of Testosterone. Why? Hes not looking for another mate.
Testosterone influences handedness and sexual behaviour
INAH correlates with sexual orientation. Much larger in heterosexual males.
Males prefer younger features on females
When you love someone, different areas of the brain are activated, as opposed to when you
think about someone you like.
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