PSYB65H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Thalamus, Temporal Lobe, Subarachnoid Space

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17 Apr 2013
Lecture 2
Human brain starts off smooth, through develop it pushes back and
crunches together and folds upon itself
Mountains and valleys (brain folds)
Sulci (sulcus)- valleys
Longitudinal sulcus seperates two hemispheres
Central sulcus/fissure separates the brain anterior from
pariotal (front/back)
Sylvian sulcus/fissure (lateral) seperates out the
temporal lobe
Fissure extremely large,
Guyri (guyrus) mountains
Top of brain divided right down centre
Two hemispheres right and left
Right receives info from left hand side of body and controls
Left receives info from right and controls it
Two sides divided by longitudinal fissure/sulcus
Carpus colossum connects both hemispheres
Cerebal cortex has 4 lobes: each has major primary function
Within in each lobe two types of tissue (primary cortex,
associational cortex)
Primary cortex performs basic input/output functions
(gets info from environment and processes it/acts)
Each lobe has a primary area where basic input comes in
Associational cortex- higher order functions, more recently
evolved, thought processing part of brain
Frontal - begins in anterior goes back up to central sulcus,
involved in motor(muscle) movement, planning and inhibition
of inappropriate behaviours (delayed gratification)Precentral
gyrus right infront of central sulcus , primary motor
strip MOTOR
Parietal from central sulcus to occipital lobe, receives info
from nonspecialized senses (somatosensory senses), from
your body, on other side of central sulcus is primary strip for
parietal lobe post cental guyrusSOMATOSENSORY
(brodmans area 1,2,3)…
Occipital posterior portion of brain, primary function is
VISION, broadmans area 17
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