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Lecture 02

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PSYB65 L ECTURE 02: CEREBRAL CORTEX C EREBRAL CORTEX in greater detail divided into lobes Not smooth surface in humans try to add on cells (evolution pressure) move back & fold (groves) mountains & valleys gives boundaries o Valley called sulcus sulci o Mountain called gyrusgyri Top of brain 2 side of brain is not connected ditlyis connected by board fibre pathway called Corpus Callosum Divided into 2 hemisphere : o Right : control left side of body & gets info from this side as well o Left : control right side of body & gets info from this side as well o It connects in analogs portion to eacide.g. anterior side is connected to other side of anterior part 3 main fissures ( when sulci gets really deep called fissure) o Longitudinal Fissureright down the middle separate right & left hemisphere o Central Sulcus Fissu on each hemisphere it separates anterior & Posterior portion (Frontal & Parietal) Precentral Gyrus posterior frontal lobe Postcentral Gyrus anterior Parietal Lobe o Sylvian Lateral Fissure separates lobes at the bottom beneath the fissure is the Temporal Lobe Cerebral cortex is sub divided into lobes: 4 emdiff parts have diff functions: o Frontal Lobe at the front o Parietal Lobe behind the frontal lobe behind the Central Sulcus o Occipital Lobe at the very back of headbrain o Temporal Lobe is the portion below the Sylvian Fissure
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