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note 04 - neurotransmitter

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Ted Petit

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life cycle of neurotransmitter
being synthesized by 'ingredients' from body and brain
transmitter is packaged and float in the axon
*critical*: if no package to prevent, transmitter will be destroyed by other chemicals before it
moves to pre-synaptic membrane
packged neurotransmitters move toward the pre-synaptic membrane and transmitters are released
from package to synapse
-receptor interaction
transmitter interact with receptor, if active, the ion channel of post-synaptic cell will open,
information can be transmit to next cell
*many problems can happen at this stage
reaptake: take the transmitter back to pre-synaptic cell
degradation: breakdown/destroy the transmitter
dopamine system not working --> Parkinson's disease
dopamine system over working --> Schizophrenia
functional activity of nervous system
-can either increase or decrease neuro activities (often use drugs)
-can take place at all stages of transmitter life cycle
*increasing activity of synthesis stage with drugs affect obviously in treating Parkinson's disease
(using dopa to increase synthesis of dopamine)
*to increase or decrease activity level at receptor interaction stage, two kinds of chemicals can be
-they all similar to transmitters
-mimic: increase interaction when being packaged and released with transmitter
-blocker: decrease interaction by b eing released to synapse but doing nothing so that ion channel
can't open (block the ion channel)
classic neurotransmitters
MONOAMINES: inactivated through reuptake
-dopamine(DA), norepinephrine(NE)
-synthesized from tyrosine -> dopa -> DA -> NE
-synthesized from tryptophan -> 5OHT -> 5HT
-choline + acetylcoa -> ACL
abnormality in phisiology of brain -- epilepsy
-repetitive discharge of hyperexcitable aggregation of neurons
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