note 04 - neurotransmitter

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13 Feb 2011

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Systhesis being synthesized by "ingredients" from body and brain. Storage transmitter is packaged and float in the axon. *critical*: if no package to prevent, transmitter will be destroyed by other chemicals before it moves to pre-synaptic membrane. Release packged neurotransmitters move toward the pre-synaptic membrane and transmitters are released from package to synapse. Receptor interaction transmitter interact with receptor, if active, the ion channel of post-synaptic cell will open, information can be transmit to next cell. Inactivation reaptake: take the transmitter back to pre-synaptic cell degradation: breakdown/destroy the transmitter dopamine system not working --> parkinson"s disease dopamine system over working --> schizophrenia functional activity of nervous system. Can either increase or decrease neuro activities (often use drugs) Can take place at all stages of transmitter life cycle. *increasing activity of synthesis stage with drugs affect obviously in treating parkinson"s disease (using dopa to increase synthesis of dopamine)