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PSYB65H3 Lecture 2 (Sept 20, 2010)
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Through evolution, we have added more and more complex processes to our brain
We maintain the same behaviours but more complicated
Todays Lecture: Cerebral Cortex in Detail vascular supply of the cerebral
cortex, meninges
Cerebral Cortex
Not smooth unlike other species where the cortex is very smooth, the human brain
tries to add on cells (evolutionary pressure to make humans smarter organisms)
Mountains and Valleys (the bumps) tells us where and what the functions are
Valley Sulci, Sulcus
Mountain Gyri, Gulci
Two hemispheres brain is separated and connected by a fiber pathway
Right Hemisphere controls the left hand side of the body; gets
information from the left hand side of the body
Left Hemisphere controls the right hand side of the body
Majority of the time, brain gets information from the environment and sends to
cortex where it takes information and decides on functions
Corpus Callosum fibers that connects the left hemisphere with the right
hemisphere (connections analogous portions of the brain)
Fibers run across the two hemispheres; allows communication
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Three main sulci:
Fissures when the sulci are really big
Longitudinal Fissures separates the left hemisphere from the right
hemisphere (down the center)
Central Sulcus (Central Fissure) separates anterior and posterior of the
brain; separates frontal and parietal lobe
Sylvian Fissure (Lateral Fissure) separates the lobes
Lobes 4 lobes that have different structures and functions ; each lobe takes care of
some individual function
Frontal Lobe in the front
Parietal Lobe behind central sulcus
Occipital Lobe at the very back of head; function in vision
Temporal Lobe underneath the sylvian fissure
Within each lobe, theres always a primary cortex which deals with some primary
function (major function) and association cortex
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