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27 Apr 2012
sulci(valleys) - divides where things are in brain. gyri(mountains) fissure - deep groove;
longitudanal fissure separates left and right hemisphere, it is very deep. everything from the right
hand side is on the left side of brain and vice versa. corpus collosum connects the two
hemispheres. central sulcus. silvian/lateral fissure which is on the side. primary area of cortex -
deals with primary thing that the lobe does. Associational Cortex - builds on information from
others which processes information in more complex ways. Broadmann mapped cerebral cortex
of humans. Frontal lobes - starts at anterior to central sulcus. involves motor movement functions
- the output part of brain, planning, inhibition of inappropriate behaviors and long term
appropriateness to get to goals - primary cortex is motor strip located in precentral gyrus areas 4
and 6. parietal lobe posterior to central sulcus- responsible for sensations of the body -
somatosensory. primary cortex is postcentral gyrus 3,1,2. humunculus - little man on motor strip.
occipital lobe- back of brain above cerrebelum. major function is vision area 17 primary cortex is
temporal cortex is ventral portion of brain by silvian fissure involved in hearing primary area is
41. ventricles are continues filled with spinal fluid. 2 lateral inside cerebral cortex. 3rd ventricle
located inside thalamus then there is cerebral aqueduct which goes into 4th ventricle which then
connects with central cannal. blood comes in from the vertebral arteries which comes from the
vertebrae one from each side and come together at base of brain to form the basal artery and 2
internal corroded artery which forms the circle of willis which supplies the brain. arteries supply
the circle which in turn supplies the cortex - anterior middle and posterior. coverings of the
brain: dura mater, arachnoid mater/membrain, arteries are below this called subarachnoid space,
below this is the pia mater then meninges cover the brain. when it gets infected its called
meningitis which is highly contagious death is 24-48hrs symptoms of a headache. cause can be
viral or bacterial
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