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Konstantine Zakzanis

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LEC 4 Chapter 3 Independent variable could be envionrmenal, specific treatment or social treatment. If the target behavior changes independent variable , shows a function. We want to replicate the experiment to make sure it happens again. Five design: AB design – adding on baseline treatment phase. Alternative treatment- throwing in diff treatments Ab design is the simplest one baseline and one treatment. Not a true research design. No replication. Often used in clinical practice. You just wanna see if the behavior is going in positive direction. Self management projects- the reason why change occur is that you intervene with some independent variable e.g behavioral contract program change the exercise behavior. Once behavior contract is implemented. Abab design- reveral design. We are reversing back and forth ab design . after frist phase the observer removed the client abck to baseline. Ex bob has aggressive behavior that is recorded. Baseline is normal demands placed and in treatment demands are limited. The number of aggressive responsive like 100 as soon as u implement the treatment phase all the aggressive behavior goes down to zero. We put the demands again, the behavior goes up even more. Only with only phase change we see independent variable is responsible for it. It is possible that something else intervene so this is a good check whether you have a functional relationship. Some limitations to abab design are the ethical to
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