PSYC11H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Central Tendency, Covariance, Cognizant

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30 Jan 2013
Psyc11 Lecture 4 Experimental studies
DF: Multiculturalism -
Create mobile = abstract representation of your definition of multiculturalism
Assigned into condition: differences is materials: feelings
High resource Condition
Moderate Resource Condition
Low Resource Condition
Low resource feel bad
But makeit work inventive
High resource overwhelming
Busy to play with
No need to look around
Relative Deprivation:
Unfairly disadvantaged
Feelings of hostility or resentment
All over the place
Absolute Deprivation -
Brown Vs Board: schools segregated” segregate and is equal but not
Integrated and more acceptance
1980s segregate schools
Black and/or Hispanic schools
Predominantly white schools
Discrepancies bet. 2 schools wider huge gap
Sets out trajectory
Discrepancy and deprivation of people in each group multicultural
System of Privilege
Systems resources not individual
Relative deprivation:
e.g. Sao Paolo Brazil wall
assoc. with heart disease and death gut and then affect their health
Relative deprivation not necessarily show not your fault it’s part of the system – lot of resilience
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