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Lecture 01

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Michael Inzlicht

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PSYC12: Lecture 01
1963 - Martin Luther Kings speech on freedom
In many ways in the present time explicit attitude of racism, prejudice have
changed & integration has changed (many different races & religons exists in same
Though there these good changes world still havent changed completely to
Khmer Rouge in Cambodia
~ late 1970s 1980s an ideological leader came into power pool w/ party called
Khmer Rouge and discriminated against certain Cambodians such as class, colour
shade, urban (even against people that wore glasses )
These people were targets of discrimination & extermination killing fields,
Mass killings of 2 million of Cambodian people based on ideological differences
Rwandan Genocide
~ early 90s a civil war broke out & in 100 days, they estimated that a million
people were killed
The victims were largely the Tutsi people (from Tutsi tribe) & the Hutu (from Hutu
tribe) were the major perpetrator however the moderator (liberal) Hutu
were also targeted for the extermination
This was not army like genocide people just in cars & shooting people at the
street if they were the wrong tribes
Interestingly there is no major difference b/w these 2 tribes: share language, culture
& even the division b/w the tribes was just based on colonialism
oHowever this was a division Hutu saw Tutsi as being favoured (top of
Indonesian Riots
~ late 90s riots broke out in Indonesia

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The government were perceive to be corrupt & were rebelling against it 
But who were target is the questions
oThey were mostly Chinese people ethnic Chinese in Indonesia
Houston Suburb opposes plan for Mosque neighbour threatens to hold pig races
A current issue Dec 7, 2006 in Katy, Texas a plan to build a mosque in
this Houston suburb has triggered neighbourhood dispute w/ community members
warning the place will become a terrorist hotbed & one man threatening to hold pig
races on Fridays just to offend the Muslims
But people in that resident claims its NOT prejudice but says - Many
neighbourhood residents claim they have nothing against Muslims and are more
concerned about property values, drainage and traffic
oBut if Wal-Mart or something big corporation came to build it in the same place
that would cause same problem such as traffic but in bigger scale would NOT
cause same reactions
There is even Anti-Muslim website to rally against this using Islam
But were closer
Barack Obama as President of USA a black president
People such Steve Cohlberg in his TV show announce Racism is over!
oBUT is clearly not
Little about the Prof
Believe in evolution & Atheist
From Montreal Quebec - lived in New York city for while (there in 9/11)
Taught in Wilfred Laurier University for a year
Enjoy Karkoe a lot & like to read and travel (went lot of place)
Lets Talk about Prejudice
Boart (Sasha Baron Cohen) & Dave Chappelle comedians pushed the
envelope of being bigot (Racism)
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