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26 Jan 2013
Lecture #2: Origins of Stereotypes
Cars Salesman Ayers & Siegelman (1995)
Study done in Chicago:
How can we make this study:
o 4 Twin Testers
Control for Age, Education, Attractiveness, Dress, Script, Same Dealer
and Same Care
o Multiple Exemplars of Subjects and Dealers to ensure there are no
Initial Quote was highest for Black Males, followed by Black Females, than White
Females and then White Males
Black Males (20200), White Males (19200), White Females(19400), Black Females
Similar pattern between males (white vs. black) vs. females (white vs. black) but
smaller range between females
Why would salespeople:
o Ask more money from women?
More vulnerable, more emotional (stereotypes); sugar daddy
Women may not bargain
Women don’t know much about cars stereotype
o Ask more money from Blacks?
Some association between race and education and that
In group bias white male dealer
Movie True Colors
John (White) vs. Glenn (Black) exactly the same except for race
Shopping Centre Situation/ Dealership
o John get instant service, Glenn gets ignored
o Black sales man who looked at you and looked away from him
o Trailing Glenn in a shop
Trying to get into car
o Glenn is ignored, John gets help
Police racially profiled Glenn but not John, Truck Driver said Glenn was apparently
the “Wrong” part of the town
Emotional price is one thing, money out of pocket, pay more for cars
Job Discrimination
o Lecture for Glenn on laziness, drug abuse, , Pleasantly for John
o Denied even the existence of a job
Household/Housing Applicant
o Welcomed into the neighbourhood for John, Glenn was given a lecture
Racism makes determinations on your life (housing, job, economic, social)
Hassidic Jew: black hats, black suits, ringlet sideburns, religious and beards
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