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Lecture 3

PSYC12H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Social Comparison Theory, Confirmation Bias, Forego

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Michael Inzlicht

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PSYC12 Lecture notes
Lecture 03. Maintenance of Stereotypes
Class Overview
Origin of Stereotypes (cont)
Sociocultural and motivational
Maintenance of stereotypes
o Confirmation Bias
Origin of Stereotypes: Socio-cultural & Motivation
Motivation to maintain positive social identity
We want to belong to groups that make us feel good about ourselves
This simple motive can lead to differences in evaluation
We're motivated to like our groups and not so much the other group
Having groups mean you value one more than the other
Justification of status quo
Justifying your own positions
"I deserve to be here, I worked hard"
"Those who have less are lazy, and don’t work hard so
they don’t deserve the things I have"
Sometimes you here these things from privileged
So even though you did work hard, others may not have the same
The world is fair - cause you believe you worked hard and got everything
you think you deserve
Allows people to maintain positive self-views
Reflects specific cultural values
Different countries, different norms and values
Reflection of culture in your prejudice
Result from conformity
People conform to others around them
You might conform to the countries values even if you don't believe them
Reflect social roles groups play
Stereotypes might reflect the roles that specific groups play in a society
Ex. Women are stereotyped to being nurturing and men are
thought to be aggressive
Relation to role:
Women typically are caregivers in our society
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