PSYC12H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Lexical Decision Task, Rebound Effect, Political Correctness

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Published on 25 Feb 2013
Week 5 PSYC12
Lecture 4 Modern Prejudice
Stereotype Suppression (continued from last week)
- Stereotypes are efficient, fulfil motivation, and automatic
- They negatively impact targets
- Society has deemed stereotyping to be unsavoury
- Suppress stereotypes
Mental Control requires
- Operating Process (OP)
o Takes action to meet desired state (prevent stereotypes)
o Resource-rich, controlled
- Monitoring Process (MP)
o Compare current state with desired state (scans mind for stereotypes)
o Resource-free; automatic
- With a goal, OP takes action if unwanted thoughts come up. MP detects unwanted thoughts and
sends it to OP, which OP then attempts to get rid of it
- The monitoring process is automatic, and does not take up much energy. However OP takes up
Under cognitive load, OP fails, MP continues and results in opposite of intended thought, because MP
continuously detect unwanted thoughts but cannot get rid of it
Goal > Operate > Monitor > Goal > Operate > Monitor > etc.
Macrae, Bodenhausen, Milne, Jettin 1994
Hypothesis: because suppressors activate the unwanted stereotype repeatedly (MP), they will
experience “rebound effect” (greater activation). I.e., people that suppress stereotypes will react to
stereotypical words faster
Methods: suppress skinhead stereotype vs. non-suppress
- Write ‘day in the life’ of photographed person
- DV: lexical decision task (important)
o Participants are presented with a string of letters
o Judge whether presented strings are words or non-words
o If construct is primed, they will react to it more quickly to words associated with
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