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Lecture 5

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Michael Inzlicht

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Measuring Modern Prejudice (cont’d)
IAT: strength of association b/n 2 concepts ex. Race and goodness; white with good
and black with bad
Shoot do/don’t Task: measures prejudice
Police Officer’s Dilemma: an immigrant from East-Africa; police was chasing an
armed criminal and during the chase, they saw Ahmed in a door way and said raise
your hands; he was worried and went into his pocket to get his wallet to show
identification and police thought he was getting a gun and shot him 41 times;
death; police NOT guilty of second-degree murder
*if we have associations about certain groups, when we see an exemplar of that
group when we see something ambiguous, would be more likely to rely on
stereotypes?....ex. see a black person and holding something, u think it’s a gun.
Game: shoot the person with the gun and don’t shoot w/out gun; black and white
-looked at error rates; participants were white
Results: the higher the rate = the more errors made; the unarmed bars had MORE
errors; ppl r more likely to make a mistake/shoot when it’s an unarmed
target.....bias to shoot. People made MORE mistakes when it was a BLACK unarmed
man....more likely to shoot. People were MORE likely to NOT shoot white men that
were armed rather than armed black men.....more likely to be SHOT by white ppl!
-police forces were measured; smaller bias; LESS mistakes; but bias still exists;
police should be trained
Prejudiced Personality
-how can we explain how a nation of ppl facilitated Holocaust: obedience to
authority, follow others, environmental/resource pressures
-can ppl be born to become prejudice? Raised w/ prejudice personality? Can be
learned from parents/environment
*certain personality types ARE more prejudiced than others...ex. Authoritarian
*are there individual differences that r more or less related to
prejudice/stereotyping? Yes..ex. cognitive/temperament differences
-ppl don’t have racist genes
Authoritarianism: Freud, psychodynamic logic: ppl were highly authoritarian =
conservative/don’t like change, believe in authority, something about parents....not
loving/strict, whenever the kids had urges that parents couldn’t accept, they
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