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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Michael Inzlicht

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Lecture 6: Intergroup Relations
-prejudice at group u drive esteem from it; Intergroup: how does an individual in a group
think/feel about and behave towards an intergroup
-Olympics....we felt good for athletes AND we felt good about ourselves
-when we identify with a group, the group and self become part of each other...interconnected
Social Identity Theory: ex. Class, country, social groups, friend group; if u identify w/ the
becomes part of self-identity....we feel good about ourselves/group by thinking GOOD about our group
-inter-group bias ex. Members of gang, in Germany after good economy...Germans felt bad
about themselves.....then Hitler came along and gave a STRONG identity/said Germans are great....could
have lead to acceptance of Hitler
-u derogate/put down other groups
-3 main strategies used: 1) to choose good dimensions to compare urself to other group, 2) distort
perceptions of outgroups and ingroups (ex. Being prejudice/having stereotypes/think in negative ways
about outgroups....u feel good about urself and they feel bad about themselves), 3) promote your ingroup
(ex. Use power to take and assign it to ONLY ingroup members and
exclude...ex. Apartheid and People of South Africa....wut dominant group can use...discriminated against
whites) ....doesn’t work for subordinates
-so, subordinate groups...can bring about SOCIAL CHANGE...stand up
-social change is brought about by Collective Action...change status of GROUP not, individual
-ex. Women that can’t vote; war between countries....collective action: big rallies/demonstration, voting,
single person...DOESN’T matter how many ppl r matters wut the AIM is!
-depends on how minority PERCEIVES the situation (subjective view), u have to believe that the GROUP
is deprived....Relative Deprivation Theory: when groups feel they r deprive, they will feel anger and
engage in collective action/try to improve situation
-competition doesn’t have to be about’s how u feel about ur group!...ppl feel deprivation if
THEY or THEIR group member is affected/discriminated against!...even if individual is better off!....that
person is often the leader!
-Collective action occurs when u think group boundaries r CLOSED>...u can’t leave it/change it...ex.
gender and race; when social hierarchy is perceived as instable (imagine a better future); when disadv.
position of ingroup is perceived as unjust
-MODEL: Group boundaries are impermeable = YES/collective action; Social Hierarchy is Stable = NO;
If ingroup status is JUST AND group boundaries r Impermeable = NO...u can’t do anything
-if u can leave ur group/permeable...u can leave the group ex. Disadv. group w/ low education/bad
neighbourbood...sol’n= Social mobility (individual action)...doesn’t change social
inequality still exists...better than nothing but not OPTIMAL
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