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PSYC12H3 Lecture Notes - Twin, Eminem, Psychometrics

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Michael Inzlicht

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Lecture #7: Stereotype Threat 1
Movie Time
Psychometrics: measuring the mind
o SATs - Cognitive
o Intelligence - Cognitive
o Subject Tests - Cognitive
Model of Stigma
Identity Threat
o Collective representation
o Situational cues
o Personal Characteristics
Non Volitional or Volitional Responses
Leads to Outcomes
Male-Female Math Performance Difference
Data shows the increased performance of Men vs. Women in different stages of life, the
difference between male and female math performance, there is a difference favoring men
and boys
Black-White IQ Distribution
Change in IQ between Blacks and Whites
Intelligence is highly heritable
High correlation between parent IQ and child IQ
IQ of identical twins is highly related, more than fraternal
IQ of identical twins reared apart is highly related
IQ of adopted children is related to IQ of biological mother, less related to IQ of adopted
Environment also plays a role
IQ of identical twins reared apart is LESS RELATED than IQ of identical twins reared
IQ of fraternal twins is MORE STRONGLY related than IQ of regular siblings
o They have the same exact levels of genetic overlap but environment different
IQ of adopted children is more similar than unrelated individuals reared apart
Impoverished environments related to lower IQ
Nature vs. Nurture?
Both Nature and Nurture contribute to intelligence
But genetics certainly plays a role
o Heritability index = 0.50 (may be as high as 0.65)
If within group-difference has genetic component perhaps between group difference ha
genetic component too
o No! Between-group differences may be caused by different factors than within-
group difference
Does the Difference exist?
Intellectual Performance reveal robust difference (whether biased or not)
But what does this difference mean?
o Tests are culturally biased?
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