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PSYC12H3 Lecture Notes - Twin, Stereotype Threat, Heritability

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Michael Inzlicht

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Week 7 PSYC12
Stereotype Threat I
Movie: testing and intelligence
- What effects do IQ scores have on people?
- IQ: mental age / chronological age x 100
- IQ test should only be valid if it actually predicts people's future actual performance in the job being
- However, IQ tests become a self-fulfilling prophecy for some people
Group Differences in Measurement of Intellectual Performance
Know the Major & O'Brien slide very well for the final exam
The important thing is to remember the requirement people need to make a threat appraisals;
nonvolitional and volitional responses
Male-Female Math Performance Difference
Results produce show that as people age, males become substantially better at math than women
In elementary school, math scores favour girls. However as children grow up, the trend reverses
Black-White IQ distribution
Whites have higher IQ distributions than blacks. The average white person, according to the graph, has
higher IQ score than black person
Why are there group differences in intellectual performance?
- Maybe the test was written in a language more easily understood by a white person than a black
- Access to school, books, and how the teachers treat the students are based on stereotypes they know
about the groups to which the children belong
Origins of Intelligence?
Nature vs. Nurture?
- Intelligence is highly heritable (if you have smart parents, you will likely be smart too)
- High correlation between parent IQ and child IQ (.47)
- IQ of identical twins is highly related; more than fraternal twins
- IQ of identical twins reared apart is highly related; more than fraternal twins
- IQ of adopted children is related to IQ of biological mother, less related to IQ of adopted mother
- Environment also plays role
- IQ of identical twins reared apart is less related than IQ of identical twins reared together
- IQ of fraternal twins is more strongly related than IQ of regular siblings
- IQ of adopted children is more similar than unrelated individuals reared apart
- Impoverished environments are related to lower IQ
Nature vs. Nurture?
- Both nature and nurture contribute to intelligence
- But genetics certainly play role
-- Heritability index = 0.50 (may be as high as 0.65)
- If within-group difference has genetic component, perhaps between-group difference has genetic
component too
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