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Lecture 3

PSYC12H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Illusory Correlation, Actual Size, Jennifer Lawrence

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PSYC12 Lecture 3
Maintenance of Stereotypes part 2
Maintenance of Stereotypes: Cognitive
Don Sherry:
- He would always complain about French hockey players
- That they are meant for the junior team because of some sort of political correctness
- A lot of ppl in Quebec didn’t like what he was saying
- Would defend himself and say that he doesn’t hate French ppl and that they were his best friends
- He can like French hockey players or European hockey players but maintain certain stereotypes
about them
- He subtypes
o Says that certain types of ppl aren’t the ppl that he’s talking about
o Says this person isn’t like the other French ppl, he’s not even really French
Says they are the EXCEPTION says they aren’t really the types of ppl they’re
talking about
- Movie called do the right thing
o Shows the racism in Brooklyn NYC
o The son of the owner in the pizza parlor hated black ppl
o The delivery man says why do you hate black ppl?
Who’s your fave basketball player
Who’s your favorite singer
Answers with black individuals
o Prince
o Then he (the pizza owner) replies that these ppl are different from black, they are better
than black
Considering them as ppl who don’t fit the category of black
- So the racists who voted for Obama say that he wasn’t really black etc.
o Re-fence
o But maintain your negative attitudes of the group
Re-fence stereotype-disconfirming individuals
You can put a fence around them
But the stereotype is maintained
Allows for maintenance of stereotypes & prejudice
Allows people to feel non-prejudiced
The key
Pointing to this and that person and therefore can still feel good about yourself
i.e. Donald Trump is going to start putting out lists of crimes committed in the united
crimes committed, thousands every single day
and he is going to commit that of just immigrants
leaving out of the non immigrant prime, probably who have more crime
Picture from formation video
Ppl were upset because in a way it was almost militaristic
Black panthers movement from the 60s
Violent black nationalist group
Brought it up because here is someone I like
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But as soon as she did something that had to do more with her culture, it lead to
more backlash against here
Can applying skinhead Pakistani and chinese stereotype save cognitive resources??
a. Yes
b. No
c. What you talking about Willis?
Answer: yes
Macrae, Milne, & Bodenhausen, 1994
Humans have developed cognitive “tools” allowing us to analyze social environment efficiently.
Categories help us simplify the rules
Give us advice on what to do in some situations
Stereotypes are one of these “tools:”
They allow us to forego effortful individuation
Instead of looking at any individual object, a social or physical object, you can
have a picture in your head of what that person is like
They make useful predictions
Can lead to overgeneralization
But do make accurate predictions
When taxed, people use stereotypes
Taxed; meaning stressed out or in a hurry, tired, have to think of more than one
thing at once
Rely on cognitive short cuts
Tend to work
Are stereotypes energy-saving devices?
They help us
Participants performed two tasks simultaneously
Task 1Impression formation:
Name followed by 10 trait terms
Name of a person and traits listed 1 by one of the person
Half given a stereotypic label (e.g. doctor, artist, skinhead). Half given no label.
Half of the traits were stereotypic, half neutral
So traits consistent with the labels given
MARY (doctor- stereotypic label)
First three stereotypical
Drives a Honda
Not stereotypic of doctors
NIGEL (skinhead- stereotypic label)
First three stereotypical
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