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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Origin of Stereotypes

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Michael Inzlicht

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PSYC12 - Psychology of Prejudice
Lesson 2
Class Question: How would we study the existence of race/gender
discrimination in car buying?
oGet a bunch of people to actually go out and get quotes from different
car dealerships.
oCan look at what type of car people are recommending, not just price.
oAll about control, making sure all variables but what we are testing
are the exact same.
oShould be done in a natural setting (a dealership) not a lab.
oOnly manipulations should be the race and gender.
Ayres and Siegelman did a study in 1995 trying to study exactly the above
oFound that black males are offered the highest quoted price.
oFemales are also offered higher prices than white males!
So why do we think salespeople would:
oAsk more money from women?
They may think women are not as knowledgeable about cars and
so will offer a higher price thinking they will accept anyway.
Perhaps because most salespeople are men, they offer their out
group higher prices.
oAsk more money from Blacks?
People with lower power tend to want things which make them
look richer or more powerful than they really are and so
salespeople will use this to their advantage and offer higher
MOVIE! General comments about how racism affects us today. Blacks are
STILL treated worst than whites in general but things are getting better. We
are almost reaching equality and are certainly better than we were in the
Origin of Stereotypes:
Categorization: Gives us an understanding of what to expect
in certain situations. In the case of stereotypes, it gives us an
understanding of who they are, what they're beliefs are, and
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