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Lecture 3

PSYC12H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Illusory Correlation, Subtyping

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Michael Inzlicht

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(supplements textbook notes)
justify the status quo
allows the maintenance of positive self-views
motivation to maintain positive social identity
Would a racist vote for Barack Obama?
someone may say Barack Obama is half black but also half white allowing you to maintain both sides
re-fence stereotype - disconfirming individuals
allows for the maintenance of stereotpes and prejudice
allows people to feel non-prejudiced
we see the world the way we are
Confirmation Bias
stereotypes bias information in confirmatory manner
confirming info more fully processed
ex. if you have a stereotype of a group and you see a group act in that same fashion, the
information will be consistent
ambiguous info seen as stereotype confirming
ex. if you see a behaviour that is ambigious, it will register as consistent
Disk Example - Confirmation Bias Example
because coins have value (the larger the coin, the larger the value), we see these "disks" as smaller or
larger depending on the ideas or thoughts that we already have in our minds
poor kids see the coins as being larger
if you dont have lots of money, 1 cent seems like a lot and a 50 cent coin even more so
depends on cultural meaning etc.
choosing a larger coin confirms
Studies have shown that when poor children estimate the size of coins, they tend to see the coins as physically
larger than the size estimated by rich children. This is an example of:
confirmation bias !!! - you have a bias to confirm something
illusory correlation
self-fulfilling prophecy
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