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Published on 22 Jun 2011
Review of stats
Descriptive stats \ frequency distribution frequency so histogram-
oCentral tendency- where do most ppl fall- mean is what you really want
oVariability- so you range- max, min, sd, variance ( mean of squared
Self and Motivation
I am a student
I am creative
I am sarcastic
I am indecisive
I am trustful
Differences in the way ppl define themselves
More statements about personal characteristics if you are exposed to western ideas
as opposed to ppl who are less exposed to western ideas, talk about your self-based
on roles and memberships
Markus and kitayame- culture exists within yourself- ppl can move in and out of
your in-groups very quickly- transient and fluid- individual distinct person or entity-
not overlapping between friends, family or me- we are all independent entities
Interdependent- solid line between in group and out group- very defined, concrete,
not fluid and relaxed- my conceptualization is not separate from others- my
traits/ideas function of my friends- a lot of overlap between everyone- identity not
concrete- very fluid- we have shared identity
Cognitive dissonance theory- experience dissonance- inconsistency between attitude
and behaviour- relieve it by changing behaviour or change attitude or we rationalize
the inconsistency or minimize its importance- existence across many studies-
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